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purino - perfection of form and function

The hand in hand connection of simplicity and elegance shapes the unmistakable character of purino. The design follows the principle of authenticity and aesthetics: Typical properties of the material such as structure, color and grain of  the wood, complete the design and shape therefore combining purino in full harmony. The liaison of brushed stainless steel with high-quality luxurious woods complements the quality of purino.
purino and the economy

The decision to go ahead and manufacture the purino in stainless steel, was from an economical point of view the best  idea. The brushed steel tubing comes from the factory to Lyss to our neighboring metal worker, where laser robots get to work on the steel tubing. For the last transport of only 40 meters we use a hand-pulled wagon to keep our carbon footprint low.
purino allows for many different combinations

purino allows  for many different shelf combinations through its different modular  depths. Shelves are available with drawers and separate hanging file  folders, as well as downwards opening doors for binders or practical  open shelves.
The purino table

The purino table as a work table, bears many different possibilities. The purino  table is available in most common sizes ranging from 140 cm to 240 cm  in length and 80 cm to 90 cm in width, with wiring holes and/or with  invisible wiring. The purino table is extremely  ergonomic with its round front edges which are praised by all its  users. The new round design protects the elbows, there is less pain and  inflammation reported by its supporters. The purino table is available in the same color world as the furniture.  
drawer unit on coasters

The drawer unit on coasters is your perfect little helper, available in different configurations for your personal needs. Please ask your representative for the best choices catering your professional needs.


You have the possibility for add-ons like single drawers with a SOFTMOTION system with CD and/or DVD brackets, desks with wiring holes as will as expendable writing units, PC mounting plates are a welcoming add-on as well as the cable rails.
Experience and quality through tradition

Häubi’s creative and  technical mastery goes hand in hand with the latest production methods.  We work with creativity, passion, and diligence. Our careful attention  to minute detail and an overarching quest for the highest quality  delivers an uncommon excellence. Take a close look.

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